The solar water heater intelligent controller uses the Dutch NXP company's computer chip and technology, and uses advanced PID (proportional, integral, derivative) adjustment technology. Through the bionics experimental mode, the optimal design of the controller program is realized to ensure that the solar water heater is controlled in temperature difference and The additional system functions, water temperature control and display, pump speed control, heat measurement and other control aspects are infinitely close to the ideal intelligent mode, which truly opens the intelligent era of solar water heaters.

Solar water heater intelligent controller products are divided into integrated non-pressurized water heater controllers, integrated pressurized water heater controllers, split-pressurized hot water system controllers and solar pump stations with integrated water pumps.

  • SR201 Solar Thermal Controller
  • SR501 Solar Intelligent Controller
  • A05 Stainless Steel SUS304 Sensor Pocket
  • A02 NTC10K B=3950 Dia6-50mm for Solar Tank
  • A01 PT1000 Temperature Sensor for Solar Collector
  • Solenoid Valve 12V for SR500 Controller with wire
  • SR802 Relay for Solar Thermal Controller
  • G3/4